Charlotte Matee 001Another Success Story

Charlotte Matee joined the Hermanus Waldorf School in 2003 when she was in Class 3. Her brother, Daroll, was in Class 5. She was a diligent student and was delighted, at the end of her Primary school years, when she was accepted at Hermanus High School into Class 8 in 2008.

High School was difficult but enjoyable and she continued to work hard. She reaped the benefits of her labours when she finished matric in December 2012, with a distinction in Maths Literacy, and a B aggregate! She is forever grateful to her Class 3 teacher who made sure she knew her times tables.

She decided to take a gap year, and trained as a cashier at Woolworths in order to earn some money. She would like to study nursing and has chosen to go to Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) next year.

Charlotte is very eloquent and has a maturity far beyond her years. The Hermanus Waldorf School is proud of her achievements.

(Daroll is now in his final year of a degree in Social Work at the University of Cape Town and is planning to do post-graduate studies).

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